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'Your first child brings many exciting challenges but picking from a sea of stereotypical synthetic, scratchy and poor quality children's equestrian wear was not one I expected to be a game changer for me'.

With a growing love of horses like his mum, it quickly became clear that quality, comfortable and sustainable horse wear were particularly lacking. No existing equestrian brand matched the little rider I was raising. When I couldn’t find anything suitable to keep my toddler comfortable on his pony.

Thankfully: horses, design and the love of my boy – the loves of my life and I couldn’t resist the challenge to merge all three and fill the gap in the market.

My passion for designing began as a child myself. Dressing up box creations were followed by design collage, a spell designing for major Irish horse wear brands and a stint abroad working for a big European one. It was here I won awards for my designs, in particular legwear.

For Lucas & Lilli I wanted to fill the gap with higher product quality, exceptional styling detail and only the best, sustainable fabrics and finishes.

I also pride myself on a design approach, carefully considering the children who will be using each of our products and the effects it will have on the environment. Every aspect of our design and development process is thought out to ensure long lasting equestrian wear but that are easy on the environment.

When I’m not dreaming of where Lucas & Lilli can go next - I’m loving life with my little boy Lucas and his pony Lilli, riding my own horse, upholstering yet another couch and being Doctor Doolittle to a fallen bird or a stray kitten!


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